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hi there
diamondlou market101 2years, 1 month, 8 days, 8 hours, 48 minutes
Great new advertising and earnings opp site opened yesterday. Traffic Tokens; hitlink.me/v8c2ck
diamondlou 2years, 8 month, 25 days, 9 minutes
So ladies, what's going to be big in 2016? For a while there - I was thinking it could be crypto currencies. But I tipped my toe in that water and found it too populated with hackers.
diamondlou 2years, 8 month, 25 days, 13 minutes
If anyone likes Promo codes feel free to use newlook for $1 100 Ad Credits, Banner and Text Impressions over at hitlink.me/lxutde If you've used that one, use freecredits for another 100/100/100 credits and impressions.
diamondlou  wow - I tested that weird lookin link and it works. My site is Tra ffic-fusion.biz but I guess we can't post URLs here. Silly.
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diamondlou 2years, 8 month, 25 days, 23 minutes
Nice seeing you here Hisuisama. One of our most active members at my Traffic Exchanges.
diamondlou 2years, 8 month, 25 days, 24 minutes
Qikone, are you still around? See ACCOUNT Go there and surf and earn some credits. Then see MANAGE ADS go there and mount some banner and text ads. Then go to AFFILIATE and get your Promo Tools and advertise this.
diamondlou 2years, 8 month, 25 days, 30 minutes
diamondlou 3years, 5 month, 2 days, 5 hours, 59 minutes
Have you noticed this new trend for 2015 - Social Networks that members can earn money at. It's about time!

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